Custom Built

custom built - Custom Built
Al-Bahar MCEM Custom Built Enclosures are branded with their high reliability, distinguished quality, and low maintenance. Such enclosures are thoroughly designed to fit specific needs & requirements in terms of shapes, sizes, security, ventilation, and protection level. We ensure the containerized equipment (genset) is operating at its peak performance - efficiently and effectively.
We take great pride in offering turnkey solutions/ customized enclosures, designed & verified through intelligent engineering software taking into consideration multiple design parameters (protection rating, attenuation level, pressure losses, air flow velocities, safety measures, structure stability, etc.).

Customization options include:

Sound Attenuation level
Ingress protection rating – IP rating
Surface painting system
Lifting & handling lugs
Access doors & windows
Silencers & gas exhaust system
Fuel systems
Fire & Gas detection system
Fire extinguishing system
Dampers & louvers
Mounting configuration (Trailer, trolley, etc.)
Zone protection and classification
Internal & external testing & inspection
External certification (DNV, ATEX, etc.)

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