Acoustic Attenuators & Acoustic Canopy

Attenuators 2 - Acoustic Attenuators
Al-Bahar MCEM is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of noise control solutions in the Middle East. We offer a complete range of acoustic attenuators to meet literally any need a customer may have in the field of noise reduction. Both ready-made silencers and custom built solutions are offered. Solutions include standard and customized noise reducing walls, louvers, ducts, splitters, and attenuators. Our items come in a large variety of sizes, types, and colors to meet your purpose, design, and budget.

Where to find:

Shopping centers
Power Houses
And many more


Acoustic enclosures
Power generation equipment
Air compressors
Dust extraction systems
Air conditioning plant rooms
Silencers adjacent to fans & blowers
Cooling towers & chiller yards
And many more applications

Standard Features:

Reliable casing, insulation and splitting materials
Combining frame and/or fixing flanges
Lifting arrangement
Noise reduction as per the application’s requirement
Calculated back pressure
Designed inlet and outlet to insure sufficient airflow
Weather proof and non-combustible Rockwool as an acoustic media
Epoxy paint

Options Include:

Rectangular, Circular, Splitter, Bend, Element, etc.
Customized Design to suit the application
Galvanized steel, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel
Fixing Details: Flanged or Welded
Lifting Options: Lugs or Buckets
Vertical, Horizontal, Angular
Rain protection, bird mesh, and protective grill
Colors as per requirement

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